Ten Worst Pests in Nevada

Because Nevada has some interesting weather – intense summer heat, bone-dry winters, and monsoon springs – we have some interesting pest issues. R and C Pest Control has been tracking which pests consistently cause frequent problems in Las Vegas homes. We’ve developed our top ten lists of the worst pests in Nevada. Read on to check out what’s bugging our clients these days.

Top Ten Worst Pests in Nevada

#1 Mice and rats have to take the top spot, as these indoor/outdoor critters are everywhere you don’t want them to be. Since mice can squeeze into very small spaces, they excel at finding their way into homes.

#2 Spiders actually are beneficial to the environment, as they like to trap and eat flies, mosquitoes, and other bad bugs that annoy you when you try to have dinner outside. Unfortunately, there is a serious gross-out factor when you find one in your home. Even worse, Nevada is home to the brown recluse and the black widow species, and their bite is serious.

#3 Ants are annoying. When you see one ant, it’s usually the scout for a nest somewhere in the soil around your home. Nevada is home to many ant species, including the southern fire ant that can give you a powerful sting.

#4 Roaches like to come out at night and have a party in your kitchen. There are three common types in Nevada. These tenacious creatures absolutely require professional extermination.

#5 Bees, hornets, and wasps are not only annoying; they can be dangerous. Two of the most dangerous are yellow jackets and Africanized honey bees. Both species are very aggressive.

#6 Scorpions are closely related to spiders. They actually are not very aggressive, unless provoked. But if they feel threatened they can deliver a serious sting that can be life-threatening for children and the elderly.

#7 Silverfish (sometimes called firebats) can’t hurt you, but they rank high on our yuck list – especially when you find one in a cupboard. Interestingly, these creatures can exist for a long time without food – or you may find them happily munching on your wallpaper.

#8 Crickets are pretty noisy for their size and they like to eat household fabrics. They can also lie drop up to 400 eggs at a time, typically twice a year.

#9 Pill bugs are from the crustacean family, which includes crabs, shrimp, and lobster. They like to live anywhere it’s damp, and feed on yard debris.

#10 Earwigs do not burrow into your ears like in that old sci-fi show. In fact, they can’t hurt you at all, although they might make you jump on a chair to get away from them. They have pincers on the end of their face that make them look fierce, but the only thing they typically harm is your flowers.

Stop Pests – Call R and C Pest Control 

If you see these pests around your home, they’re the tip of the iceberg; there are always more lurking inside your home. Call R and C Pest Control for an analysis of the problem a solution to what’s been bugging you the most.