10 tips to help with pest control in Las Vegas

download (1)Sometimes it seems like we are doing everything in our power to keep pest from getting into our homes. But it’s just never enough and they always seem to find their way back. Well sometimes by just keeping your house clean and reducing clutter can keep pest away. Pest control in Las Vegas can be difficult because there are just bugs everywhere, but these 10 helpful tips should help us get rid of some of those creepy crawlies.

  1. Clean your floors

By keeping your floors clean you are taking away crumbs of food and dirt that attracts ants. By also keeping items picked up from the floor you can eliminate cockroaches that like to hide in bundles of clothes.

  1. Take the trash out

Taking the trash out can help reduce ants in the home. They can smell the trash and can start to go inside of it if it’s not taken out once every few days.  With pest control in Las Vegas ants are known for digging through the trash. This will also eliminate any foul odor in your home.

  1. Put fruit inside the refrigerator

Leaving apples and bananas out in that cute dish you bought can actually cause pest to come into your home. To avoid ants and fruit flies just put all fruit into the refrigerator.

  1. Keep your sink clean

To avoid mice and ants keep the kitchen sink clean.  You can do this by washing the dishes as they get dirty or rinse off dishes completely before putting them in the sink. Use the dishwasher as much possible to avoid overflow of the sink.

  1. Make sure lids are tight on containers

If you have food in containers that sit on the counters like flour and sugar make sure the lids are sealed on completely.  Ants like anything sweet and if a lid is left open than its fair game to them.

  1. Keep areas of the house dry

Keep everything dry in the house. Try to avoid throwing wet towels and swim suits on the floor. Cockroaches like anything that is dark and moist and will hide in the towels. Pest are attracted to moisture so avoid anything being wet for long periods of time.

  1. Clean your pets weekly

Sometimes our 4 legged friends can attract pest into our homes. After they have been out playing in the dirt they track it into the house. Set up a routine to give your pet a bath once every week to avoid any bugs that they might be bringing in.

  1. Make sure the house is sealed

Make sure that all the cracks, windows, doors and floors are all sealed. Any cracks in the house can be an open door for bugs to walk right in. So if you are seeing critters in your house look for any obvious cracks.

  1. Keep outside of the home clutter free

Pick up trash that is starting to gather up around the sides of your home. Avoid stacking wood near the house because cockroaches love to hide in wood. Keeping the outside of the house clean will avoid any other pest from coming in.

  1. Watch what you are bringing into the house

After you get home from a vacation you can sometimes bring in pest that you are unaware of. The same things goes for fruit and vegetables bought at the store, sometimes bugs can attach themselves to food and come along for the ride.