Month: September 2014

Removing Ants Without Pesticides

It is becoming more and more common for people to try to remove pests from their homes the natural way. Regardless of your reasoning for the choice, here is some additional information on how you can remove ants from your home without the help of dangerous pesticides. Natural Insecticides Dish soap and water: If the ants… Read more »

Scorpion Stings vs Spider Bites

No one enjoys being stung by any creature. Even if the foe isn’t poisonous, stings can be painful and itchy. Since spider bites and scorpion stings are the two most likely experiences you’ll have in the desert, here is a little information about both and how you can avoid them. Scorpions You can find scorpions in… Read more »

Most Dangerous Las Vegas Spiders

With Halloween right around the corner, it couldn’t be a more appropriate time to talk about spiders. However, we aren’t talking about the fun rubber ones that you get to scare all your friends with. The spiders on this list deserve your respect. These spiders are the most dangerous Las Vegas spiders for a reason…. Read more »

Different Types of Bed Bugs

Depending on the news source you trust, you may believe that the bed bug epidemic is on the rise or is finally letting off. The differing opinions could be based on the fact that there are different types of bed bugs that are adapted to different areas and climates in the country. Bed Bug Basics Regardless… Read more »

How to Deal With A Scorpion Sting

Living in the desert means you are subject to all sorts of creepy crawling pests. Some bite, some sting and some are just plain gross to look at. Because this will always be a concern, you should know how to deal with the bites and stings of the insects you are likely to cross paths with… Read more »

Keep Ants From Invading Your Home

“I love to watch the ants march one-by-one right into my kitchen!” said no one ever. Ants are frustrating little pests that work their way into homes whenever outdoor conditions are not ideal. Even if the weather outside is perfect, these tiny critters seem to have a knack for finding equally tiny food particles in… Read more »

Common Las Vegas Pests

Bugs are pesky annoyances that can’t be avoided no matter where you live. There are a few critters that are Las Vegas natives thanks to the heat and dry weather. These desert insects can be particularly frustrating and even a little dangerous. Here are a few that you can expect to see while living in… Read more »

Common Bed Bug Questions Answered, Part 2

Yesterday we covered half of the commonly asked questions about bed bugs. Below you can find the rest. Remember, beg bug infestations can get really bad really fast. Having the right answers sometimes just isn’t enough. Make sure you are properly prepared with the right tools. If that doesn’t help, the only thing you can… Read more »

Common Bed Bug Questions Answered, Part 1

Bed bugs. They’re gross and everyone is terrified of accidentally bringing them home from a vacation. Perhaps it’s that fear that created all the rumors in circulation about bed bugs. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Here are the answers to some common bed bug questions to help you be better informed. Preventing Can applying… Read more »