Common Bed Bug Questions Answered, Part 1

bedbugBed bugs. They’re gross and everyone is terrified of accidentally bringing them home from a vacation. Perhaps it’s that fear that created all the rumors in circulation about bed bugs. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Here are the answers to some common bed bug questions to help you be better informed.


Can applying insect repellent before sleeping in a hotel keep bed bugs from biting?

Unfortunately, no. Bed bugs seem to not be bothered by insecticides at all. There was even a test in the 60s about it. Bug spray was sprayed on the bed posts of beds to see if the bugs would stay away. They didn’t. In fact, bed bugs will sit right on top of bug spray until they die their natural death. also, bed bugs are most active in the early morning before 5am. Unless you went to bed at 3am, your bug spray wouldn’t still be working anyway. The best way to tackle the issue it to contact a bed bugs pest control company.

I bought a silk sleep sack at the store. Will it help prevent bites?

Probably not. These voracious pests have no trouble biting you right through the silk fibers. Even if the sack could help, it’s not difficult or uncommon for the bed bugs to find the opening to the bag and feast that way. The only true way to prevent a bite is to thoroughly inspect the bed and the surrounding area like the wall and nightstands before you unpack anything or lay down. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Will spraying the bedding of a hotel with Lysol help kill bed bugs?

Again, not likely. Lysol will only be helpful if you manage to spray the bugs directly. Disinfectant spray that dries will have no affect on the bugs when they cross over that area. If you find bed bugs in your hotel, it’s better to just report it to the front desk, housekeeping, or directly to management. Don’t try to spray the area yourself. The bugs will just freak out and seek refuge in places like your suitcase. Let the bed bugs pest control professionals handle it.

Will there ever be an effective bed bug spray?

Right now, there is no bed bug spray in development with the EPA. That’s probably because to get a product from development to registration with the EPA to the store shelf, it costs about $100 million dollars. So naturally they are really selective about which products they choose to spend time on. Bed bugs used to be a big issue in the 1900’s, however. If that happens again, public demand will probably get the ball rolling.

Don’t wait until the last minute to fix a bed bug problem. The longer you wait, the worse the infestation gets. Handle the issue right away by calling the bed bugs pest control professional at R and C Pest Control. They understand how to properly address an infestation. For more information about a great Las Vegas Pest control service, contact 702.257.2847.