Month: June 2017

The Three Great Pandemics — Caused by Pests?

Did you know that the species of pests living right beside us have historically caused massive deaths and suffering by spreading plague? Way before your Las Vegas pest control team began their efforts to control the pest population, rats and the parasitic lowly flea rose up to infect humans with the three great plagues of history…. Read more »

Recognize and Treat Bedbugs Bite Marks Properly

Bedbugs are oval, tiny, brown insects the size and shape of an apple seed with six legs. These insects feed on blood of humans and animals, leaving itchy bites. They have flat bodies which get swollen when they feed, as they color turns into a more reddish one. Although bedbugs are visible to human eye… Read more »

Most Common Signs of BedBugs

Bedbugs are small insects that feed on the blood of animals and humans. They are usually oval and brown, and adult specimens are the size of an apple seed. Note that they get swollen and reddish after they feed. They can move fast over floors, ceilings and walls, and they hide really well which makes… Read more »

4 Most Common Scorpion Species in Las Vegas and How to Identify Them

Las Vegas is an awesome place in many aspects: great night life, the food, the weather, the shopping, the entertainment… but it is also a desert. This makes it a perfect home to scorpions, which can find their way into your home. There is around 25 different species of scorpions living in Nevada, and 4… Read more »

Las Vegas Rat Removal Service

If you see this rodent, notice its small footprints, hear scratching noises or find jellybean shaped black or brown droppings, then it is time to get in touch with R and C Pest Control immediately.   We are your friendly, local neighborhood pest eradication team and we have got all the best technology for getting rid of… Read more »

Las Vegas Rats

Musophobia is one of the most common irrational fears in the world: the phobia of rats and mice. But maybe it should not be considered such an unreasonable fear when it comes to wild rats. We should all be wary of them.   Although Las Vegas is home to many more unusual and dangerous pests… Read more »