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Rats: The Invisible Threat


A fear of rats is one of the most universally spread phobias across human beings. Like so many phobias, however, this one is just as unfounded and illogical.


Once domesticated, these rodents pose no real threat except bites and scratches if feeling threatened – no worse than cats or dogs – and yet so many people are fearful of these relatively harmless creatures with no reason to be.


When it comes to wild rodents, though, maybe elephants are sensible to be scared of them. The fear of wild rats in particular is very rational because of all the diseases they carry and their aggressive nature.


The most common rat in cities around the world today is the brown rat (also known as the Norway rat) which is thankfully nowhere near as dangerous as the plague-spreading black rat that killed millions across Europe and Asia in the Medieval era. Brown rats do not kill many people nowadays but they can still make city inhabitants very sick with the different fevers and illnesses that they carry.


Either brown or dark gray in color, these pesky mammals are usually just over a foot in length: half body and half tail. Their relatively small ears are still able to focus in on quiet noises so they usually hear and avoid us before we see them. They also have small eyes but they are still able to see in low light – again, making the chance that they see us before we see them very high.


Their front feet are quite small while their hind legs are relatively large which allows them to dig and burrow really well in search of a habitat and food. Living under the floorboards or in basements means that scratching sounds underfoot are common in places with an infestation. They are also often unbothered about walking through liquid in order to get to their desired location so this usually results in miniature footprints appearing eventually.


Their large teeth help them gnaw through obstacles and consume tough food that other animals would struggle to eat. This means that they can eat whatever they find which is usually a large amount – being nocturnal means they can raid all our cupboard food, leftovers and garbage while we are sleeping. The peace and quiet of night also means that they are careless when it comes to leaving their long, thin droppings all over the place.


As well as decimating our food supply, damaged property is another highly inconvenient result of having city dwelling brown rats. They do not mind what they destroy if it helps with their survival. From holes in walls to chewed cables, these resilient survivors can do big damage. Demolished household objects are also common problems brought about by rats in search of the soft materials needed to make their nests. The appearance of ripped items is a frequent occurrence in residences with an infestation. Anything containing cardboard, paper or foam is a likely target for fully grown males looking to provide a safe dwelling for their pregnant female companions. Shredded newspaper, packaging and loft insulation are common signs that rats are nearby.


As stated, however, the biggest reason why musophobia is not an irrational fear when it comes to the common brown rat is because of the fevers they carry along with other severe sicknesses. Their gestation period increases this threat because they can give birth to a litter of up to fourteen pups every three weeks. Therefore, it becomes imperative to deal with a rat infestation as soon as it is identified to stop disease spreading. Contact R and C Pest Control today to help with any rodent issues you may be experiencing!