Month: August 2014

Get Rid of Ants the Natural Way

In the warmer spring and summer months, ants tend to surface from their underground colonies in large numbers. A few scavengers head out first to find food leaving a trail of pheromones for the rest of the colony to follow. When they stumble upon the feast in your pantry or dog bowl, the rest of… Read more »

Do You Know The Different Biting Bugs?

Warm weather means bugs of all kinds come out of hiding. All insects are generally annoying but the biting pests should be a primary concern for you and your family. Some bugs can transmit dangerous diseases with their bite. Protect yourself and your family by knowing how to identify the particularly dangerous biting bugs. Then… Read more »

Spotting Termites in Your Home

Las Vegas may be unbearable during the summer, but the beautiful weather in the winter makes it all worth it. The temperature is so perfect in the winter. It’s cold but not unbearably cold. Even the few times it does snow, the ground doesn’t become hard to walk on. Of course, there is one huge… Read more »

Which Bugs Are Good And Which Are Bad?

A gardener with any degree of experience usually knows that there are both good and bad bugs that live in a garden. Make sure you know which is which before you call a Las Vegas exterminator to control your garden pests. Good Bugs Lady bugs may be the most well-known of the good bugs. These… Read more »

Spider Mite Pest Control

Especially during the summer time, you may find that your plants are laced with a fine webbing. You may even start seeing tiny holes appear on the leaves. Unfortunately, these are the signs of a spider mite infestation. When this occurs, it is important that you take steps to get rid of them to prevent… Read more »

Getting Rid of Bees

Bees can be an extremely annoying issue. With many people allergic to bee stings, it can be a major problem having a swarm of bees anywhere near your home. Here are some tips for removing bees from your house. In the Home First and foremost, it’s important to know you are dealing with bees and… Read more »

Searching A Hotel Room For Bed Bugs

You’re all packed and ready to go on vacation. As the plane touches down in your destination city, a moment of terror strikes you. What if there are bed bugs in the hotel room? This is a genuine concern to have, but by being careful, you can avoid bringing home any unwanted souvenirs. Nowadays you… Read more »

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

“Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Many people will tell this to their children when tucking them in at night, and for most, it’s just a fun expression to help the child sleep better. However, bed bugs are very real. They haven’t always been a problem in the US, but recently bed… Read more »