Which Bugs Are Good And Which Are Bad?

A gardener with any degree of experience usually knows that there are both good and bad bugs that live in a garden. Make sure you know which is which before you call a Las Vegas exterminator to control your garden pests.

Good Bugs

Lady bugs may be the most well-known of the good bugs. These critters are so helpful because they eat aphids and add a pleasant touch of color to a garden.

Parasitic wasps are also one of the good guys, even though their name suggests something very different. It is called parasitic because this wasp lays its eggs on the larvae of tomato hornworms. The larvae of the wasp then eats up the tomato hornworms, much like parasites elsewhere in nature.

lacewig good bug


There are many other bugs that don’t pose a threat to a garden or its gardener. The lacewig is a beautiful, bright green bug that is attracted to light at night. This flying creature is harmless and is great for the ecosystem of a garden. The assassin bug is another helpful insect, because it is a trained killer. This creature is a dark, hairy bug with a massive appetite for other insects. This bug can inflict a painful bite if it feels threatened, so be careful around it.

Bad Bugs

Slugs and snails are well known garden nuisances that should be removed without an insecticide. Unless you are working on a large parcel of land with commercial plants, insecticides should be avoided as a general rule.

The potato beetle is not a friend to any garden. Both the beetle and the larvae have huge appetites that strip the leaves off plants. Without leaves plants are unable to photosynthesize, so they are unable to flourish. Catch the bugs, pluck them off your plants and place them in soapy water to remedy the issue. Do this instead of using an insecticide because you don’t want to kill the good bugs that are living in your garden alongside these culprits.

tomato hornworm with parasitic wasp larvae

Tomato hornworm covered with parasitic wasp larvae

Tomato hornworms can be considered the worst of the worst on this list. This long, light green worm is the larvae of a moth that can grow to be five inches long. This insect gets its name from the horn on their rear and they have a dangerous tendency to be aggressive.

The Japanese beetle is another dangerously hungry bug, introduced to the United Stated roughly 100 years ago. It is most commonly found in gardens with roses, grapes and plum trees because they love to eat the leaves off these fragrant flowers. To avoid the irrevocable damage they can cause, pick them carefully off the plants and place them in your soapy water. They can be caught more easily early in the morning.

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