Getting Rid of Bees

tips for removing bees from homeBees can be an extremely annoying issue. With many people allergic to bee stings, it can be a major problem having a swarm of bees anywhere near your home. Here are some tips for removing bees from your house.

In the Home

  1. First and foremost, it’s important to know you are dealing with bees and not wasps or hornets. Bees perform a valuable function in nature and are generally not very dangerous, so avoid killing them whenever possible. Wasps and hornets tend to be much more aggressive, so be sure you are taking the appropriate action to handle your pests.
  2. After you’ve confirmed you have honey bees, call a beekeeper. He or she is qualified to safely and effectively remove the bees from enclosed spaces. Bees prefer spaces like wall cavities, roofs and chimneys.
  3. Another option is to call an exterminator, or purchase your own pesticides to kill the bees. Only take this step if local beekeepers are unwilling or unable to remove a nest from your home.

In the Garden

  1. The easiest option to tackle unwanted bees is to do nothing and wait for bee season to pass. Bees are rarely aggressive, unless they feel threatened. If you leave them alone until the cold winter months, the worker bees will die and the queens will relocate, leaving you safe to remove the hive.
  2. Call a beekeeper if you want to remove the problem without committing mass genocide. A qualified beekeeper can transfer the bees to a hive box and remove them from your property.
  3. Relocate the bees to an area away from your house by carefully cutting out the tree section with the bees. Just remember to wear the appropriate protective clothing and to place the hive in an area where it won’t accidentally be agitated.
  4. Use pesticides to exterminate the bees if you don’t have the time, resources or the patience to safely remove or relocate them. Apply insecticides by following the directions on the label, while wearing protective clothing.

Preventative Measures

  1. Seal any holes in the exterior of your home’s walls to prevent bees from ever entering. Look for holes or cracks that can fit a pencil and seal them with caulk.
  2. Fill any wall cavities you find with expandable foam, to keep bees from building a hive if they manage to get into the wall.
  3. Remove any traces of honey or beeswax, since bees are naturally attracted to places where other bees have already lived. They can smell traces of previous hives, so be careful to remove these substances completely once the hive is gone. This can be done with a power hose for outdoor traces and strong cleaning products or fresh paint for indoor traces.
  4. Use natural repellents to keep bees from being attracted to your home or yard. Citronella plants and candles and cucumber peels scattered throughout your garden are effective ways to repel bees naturally. A basin of sugar water will also do the job. This is because they are believed to be attracted to the honey-like scent and will drown themselves in the water.

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