Get Rid of Ants the Natural Way

In the warmer spring and summer months, ants tend to surface from their underground colonies in large numbers. A few scavengers head out first to find food leaving a trail of pheromones for the rest of the colony to follow. When they stumble upon the feast in your pantry or dog bowl, the rest of the ants know exactly how to get there.


Thankfully, harmful chemicals aren’t the only way to get rid of these pests. There are natural remedies that solve the problem just as well. A lot of the solutions on this list will actually come from your kitchen and save you money. You can also call a Las Vegas pest control company to handle the issue for you.

Wet Solutions

1. Vinegar This multipurpose liquid is a great ant repellent. Pour some white vinegar into a spray bottle. Search for all the ways the ants could be getting into your home and spray them. Once the vinegar dries, repeat. Continue this for a day or two. The acid in the vinegar will make the ants lose their scent trail and keep them from reentering your home.

2. Soapy Water This option is also cheap and super easy. Fill a spray bottle with dish soap and hot water. Spray the mixture directly onto ants to kill them and their scent trail. Just remember this only works when the soapy water mixture is fresh. You have to reapply often to make sure it’s still working.

3. Lemon Juice The acid in the lemon juice works just like the acid in the vinegar. Apply the same way with a spray bottle. You also get to enjoy a lemony fresh scent.

Dry Solutions

1. Corn Meal This natural solution to ants is a little grim. When you put cornmeal out, the ants take it back to their colonies to eat it. They love to eat it, but their bodies can’t digest it. The cornmeal sits in their stomachs and expands until they explode. No more ants.

2. Salt Salt and salt solutions do not kill ants the way many people think. They just will not walk over salty areas. You can sprinkle dry salt or spray a water and salt solution over all the areas where ants are entering to solve the problem.

3. Coffee Grounds This is a well known natural remedy for ant infestations because they do not like the smell of coffee. Place coffee grounds at any ant entry points and they will turn around. You can also sprinkle coffee grounds in your garden to keep them away from the plants.

4. Chalk No one knows why, but ants won’t walk over chalk likes. As long as chalk lines don’t bother you, draw lines around your home with regular white chalk.

A Last Resort

Squish them! Every so often, a particularly bold ant or three will get past your security measures. Simply crush them with your fingers or use a napkin. Of course, remember to wash your hands after committing ant murder.

If these natural ant repellents don’t work the way you want, you can always reach out to a Las Vegas pest control company like R and C Pest Control. They know how important it is to attack an ant infestation at the root of the problem to keep them from coming back. For more information about a great Las Vegas pest control service, contact 702.257.2847.