Las Vegas Rats

Musophobia is one of the most common irrational fears in the world: the phobia of rats and mice. But maybe it should not be considered such an unreasonable fear when it comes to wild rats. We should all be wary of them.


Although Las Vegas is home to many more unusual and dangerous pests than the average city, rats are still a major inconvenience to our residents and they actually still pose a real threat. Whilst our great city is a far cry from Western Europe in the middle of the last millennium, which got decimated by the deadly Medieval plague-carrying rats, common brown rats and modern black rats still carry serious diseases in all Western areas of the United States of America.


Either brown or black in color, these little devils are about half a foot in body size with another half foot of tail. They eat whatever they can find, which is usually quite a lot as they are nocturnal and have access to all our food and garbage while we are asleep.


Although the rats are small they can create damage!

They are also notorious for damaging property by gnawing with their powerful teeth and burrowing with their strong feet. Despite the perfectly round holes in walls usually being attributed to mice, many of those tiny critters are in fact not strong or big enough to create this sort of destruction. Las Vegas rats are; and are often the real cause of holes in skirting boards whilst they forage for food.


As well as all of this, rats also damage household objects in search of the soft materials needed to make their nests, so the appearance of ripped items is a frequent occurrence in residences with an infestation. Anything containing cardboard, paper or foam is a likely target for fully grown adult males looking to provide a safe dwelling for his pregnant female companion. Shredded newspaper, packaging and loft insulation are common signs that rats are nearby.


Are the rats really a problem?

Most importantly of all, however, they are a threat to you and those in your vicinity because they often spread fevers along with other severe sicknesses. And their gestation period is incredibly short as they can give birth to a litter of up to fourteen pups every three weeks. So even if you think you only have one today, you could soon have hundreds.


This is why they must be dealt with. Call an experienced rat exterminator today!