Pest Control Secrets

las vegas pest controlPest control is something offered in our country today that is a great help if you’ve got a pesky problem in your home! However, there may be some things you don’t know before hiring a professional to come into your home! This article will give you some secrets to pest control that just may save you a headache down the road! Read on to find out more.

  1. You probably don’t have bedbugs. The news has gotten people so paranoid about bedbugs, that nine out of ten people who call don’t actually have a problem. Some companies may take advantage of that paranoia by charging you to treat something that doesn’t actually exist in  your home. We won’t do that to you! If we can’t show you a bedbug, we won’t expect you to pay us to treat them for you.
  2. Having trees or shrubs touching your house makes pest problems a lot more likely. When you have these things close to your home, you’ve basically built a bridge for ants and other insects to walk strait into your home! This will also help them avoid the sprays that are put around the perimeter of the home. Keep trees a few feet away.
  3. Put the food in your pantry in plastic containers with sealed lids. This is the only way to keep out insects and rodents, because they can easily eat through cardboard.
  4. The best way to eliminate mice? Not enough traps. At least a dozen traps in your home is the best way to keep mice away. A little-known secrete is that mice are suckers for chocolate. Stick a chocolate bar in your traps and catch the mice in no time.
  5. If you’re worried about harm from treatments, you can ask for data. If you have a needed treatment done to your house, but are worried about the risks involved, talk to us and we’ll give you information beforehand. A trustworthy pest control specialist will be able to give you this and more.
  6. If your house is a pigsty, that’s probably the problem. It’s hard for a pest control specialist to tell someone they need to clean up their house. But if we come in and see dishes piled in your sink, we may recommend you wash them. Don’t be offended. It’ll help you in the long run!
  7. If you catch insects in your home, save one to show us. If you need a treatment for ants, and your pest control specialist can’t find any, they won’t know what kind of treatment will be best. Different species need to be treated in different ways.

If you know about these secrets before calling in a Las Vegas pest control specialist, you’ll find your experience is much better in the long run. Some of these tips can even keep you from needing a pest control specialist in the first place! Contact us today if you have a pest problem, and we’ll help you get rid of it. You’ll be glad you did.