Common Household Pests: Mice

If you have evidence of even one mouse in your home, you probably want to get rid of it. It’s important to do this immediately, as it can become a more serious problem if not taken care of quickly. Mice spread disease throughout your home and have an alarming rate of reproduction. During their one year lifespan, they can reproduce at a rate of four to seven pups about every two months. If one mouse is not eradicated, you may have an infestation on your hands before you know it.

The first step in getting rid of mice is to determine whether you have a few mice, or rather an infestation. When the weather changes, or when a mouse finds an opening into the home, just one or two can be in the house. An infestation happens when a large number of mice have found their way into your home, which creates a very real health concern.

How do you know if mice are in your home? The most obvious sign is their droppings. These are small, round, and about one-fourth of an inch long. Mice also leave holes in food packaging after they’ve nibbled on it. Other signs may include odor, scratching sounds in the walls, tracks, or nests.

If you think you  may have a mouse in your home, follow these steps:

Find where they’re coming in.

Mice need an opening only a half-inch tall to gain access into the home, so make sure any small hole you see is filled. Common entry points may include open basement windows, exhaust fans that have come loose, like ones from the drier. Check the perimeter of your home to locate any entry points where mice might have walked in. If you cannot get rid of the problem by following these steps, contact an exterminator.

Look in your food storage

When mice come into your home, they’re looking for food. Start with your pantry. Make sure all your food is secured in plastic containers that are tightly sealed. The right type of plastic will not be able to be gnawed into by mice. If there is any packaging that has been chewed on by a mouse, throw it away. Mice can spread disease to humans through urine or saliva on food products.

If these tips don’t work for you, contact an exterminator. Exterminators are well-versed in pest control and will know exactly what to do to get rid of the pesky little mice that are inhabiting your home. Getting rid of the problem quickly will be better to keep infestations at bay. If you are concerned you may have an infestation in your home, contact an exterminator immediately. It may be difficult to get rid of an infestation on your own, because there are a lot of things that must be done to be fully rid of infestations.

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