DIY Pest Control Tips for a Bug-Free New Year!

DIY Pest Control Have you been living too long with pest control problems? This year, make sure one of your resolutions includes getting rid of those pests and living in a clean, calm environment. Getting a visit from R and C Pest Control can make all the difference in your 2014. After we eliminate any infestations, start practicing these DIY pest control tips to help make sure the end of 2014 is as joyous (and pest-free) as the beginning!

DIY Pest Control for a Happier New Year

Schedule the pantry cleaning: When was the last time you cleaned out your pantry or food cupboard? If you have to think about it, you may not be doing it often enough. Mark your calendar to give your pantry a clean sweep once each season. This means tossing out old, stale foods, wiping up crumbs and checking for signs of pests. Old food can attract any number of household pests, like pantry moths, ants, mice and roaches.

Keep food in sealed containers: That open cereal box might not be cutting it in the packaging department. To further safeguard your pantry and cupboards against unwanted pests, keep all open foods in air-tight containers. This includes cereal, crackers, flour and other baking ingredients.

Close up drafts and cracks: This DIY pest-control tip wipes out two birds (maybe pigeons!) with one stone. By sealing up cracks in your doors, window casings and baseboards, you’ll not only improve your energy efficiency, but you’ll also make it much harder for bugs to find their way indoors.

Clean the gutters: This may be a job you like to put off (or hand over to someone else), but cleaning the gutters goes a long way toward DIY pest control. Wet, moist leaves, dirt and other debris are the perfect breeding ground for roaches, and other pests.

Need more help? Call R and C to keep your 2014 happy (and pest-free!)

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