Getting Rid of Japanese Beetles

pest control las vegas Japanese beetles are a common pest that have been found in the United States since 1916. They were first discovered in New Jersey, and since then have spread to many other states west of this area. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, these beetles have also spread to western and southern states and are a real problem in the United States today.

Monitoring and regulations have been put into place in all these states, and it is important to talk to your pest control specialist about this problem if you believe you have a Japanese beetle infestation. This article will explain what these pests are and what can be done to get rid of them.

What are Japanese Beetles?

These are measured at about slightly less than a half an inch in length. They are also about a fourth of an inch wide. The beetle’s body is shiny and green, and has bronze outer wings. There are six small tufts of white hair under the edges of their wings along the side of their body. Adult beetles are most easily spotted during the early summer or late spring.

These beetles live in large grassy areas for development and reproduction. This has kept the beetles from becoming serious pests in Japan, where these areas are sparse. In the United States, however, there are plenty of green grassy areas that these pests are drawn to. There is also a favorable climate in warmer areas, and this provides an abundance of food for the beetles to feed on.

What kind of damage do these beetles cause?

These types of beetles feed on approximately 300 different types of plants – and they can consume them whole. You may lose crops of grapes, berries, or stone fruits, and they can ruin corn crops by eating the silk which interferes with the formation of kernels.

How do I get rid of these beetles?

The best way to rid your home or property of these pests is to call a Las Vegas pest control specialist. This is because it can be very difficult for individual homeowners to get rid of these beetles on their own. There has been a program mandated by the United States department of Agriculture that will get rid of these pests in a safe way. Talking to a professional will be the best way to rid your home of these pests.

Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done on your own to rid your home of these pests, and it’s likely that you will need the help of a professional to help you with all of your needs regarding this. A simple solution is to call us today. We have highly trained professionals who will be able to get rid of your problem in no time, and we can ensure they won’t come back, too! If you have any questions, contact us immediately. We can solve your pest problems, and get you back on the road to a stress-free life in no time.