Getting Rid of Mites in Your Home

miteMites have been a very common pest in the United States for years, and have actually recently resurfaced in the news and the media. Dust mites found in your home are actually very difficult to get rid of on your own, so today we have some information about them and what you can do to prevent them.

Understanding Mites

Dust mites that are found in your home are actually quite difficult to see unless you have some type of magnification. Dust mites are called such because they are known to feed on protein materials as well as dead skin that is shed from humans, which actually makes up dust.

These types of mites actually also feed on pet dander as well. you may find them in food that contains a lot of protein, adn they actually do not prefer types of products that have a lot of moisture. You will be more likely to find them in something that is dry. The female dust mites actually can lay somewhere between 75 and 90 eggs, and these populations can completely overwhelm your home if you are not careful.

Where will I find dust mites?

Dust mites are actually most commonly found in beds because there is a lot of dander and dust in this place. They may also be found in areas that are more commonly lived on or in, such as furniture, clothing, and carpet. There are test kits available to use in your home if you wish to find out if you have dust mites.

What are the threats?

A lot of people are actually allergic to dust mites. You may hear someone allergic to “dust”, but it is actually probably the mites. There will not be any sort of rash that is indicative of the reaction, but it is more likely that it will cause respiratory problems. They may also find eyes that are very watery and itchy, as well as symptoms similar to that of asthma.

Getting rid of mites

If you wish to rid your home of dust mites, be sure to change your bed sheets frequently. If you have a serious problem with dust mites in your home, you can get a cover tested for problems. It is also wise to vacuum frequently, keep your humidity in the home as low as you can, and avoid playing with animals on an area that may be carpeted.

Mites are difficult to control, and you may find yourself with significant problems if you are not careful. The best way to control mites in your home and keep them at bay is to contact a Las Vegas Pest Control specialist. We can help you understand if you do have a problem, and we can rid your home of any signs if you call us today! We know the best ways to get rid of these pesky pests, and will help you keep your home mite-free.

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