The Importance of Pest Control

Pest Control Las VegasPest control is hugely important in our world today, and our society might, quite literally, crumble without it. If we don’t have the proper controlling of pesky problems in our homes, yards, businesses, and properties, we might cease to see life as we know it. This article will help to explain why pest control is so important, and why it is a continuing need in the United States today.

  • Pests could destroy more than 50% of food crops without pest control. It’s no secret that there are abundant bugs and wildlife who need food sources as much as we do. That’s why it’s imperative we make sure they don’t take our food sources.
  • No segment of the food industry could comply with federal sanitation without an adequate pest management program. No food covered with or contaminated by pests will be safe to eat, nor will anyone want to.
  • Rats are a huge problem. They have been known to bite as many as 45,000 people every year. When they bite, they can transmit diseases such as salmonella, trichinosis, murine typhus, the plague, and lepstospirosis. Rats and mice are also known to chew through electrical wiring and cause malfunctions or even fires. Without pest control, this problem would be unstoppable.
  • More than 2 million Americans are allergic to stinging insects. More than 500,000 people enter hospital emergency rooms every year suffering from insect stings. If you or someone you know is allergic, you should be grateful that pest control is out there getting rid of these pesky bugs.
  • Pests quite literally destroy homes and buildings. And this doesn’t just include termites, though termites alone cause over $5 billion in damage every year. There are many other bugs that cause structural damage, chew through your wood to make homes for themselves, and cause never ending harm to your home. Without pest control, your home would surely fall to the ground.
  • Pests can transmit disease-causing organisms including Lyme disease, malaria, plague, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Hantavirus, and many others. If we are not careful and use proper pest control techniques, many more people would die each year from these maladies. Keep your families safe!

There are many other ways that pest control is useful in your society. You may not realize how big of an impact pest control has on the food you eat each day! Making sure you have healthy, pest-free food is hugely important. It is also important to realize that the structural integrity of our homes, businesses, and schools depend on the absence of pests that may compromise that. If you believe you have a pest problem in your home, yard, or property, contact our Las Vegas pest control specialists immediately. You will be impressed with our quick, efficient care, and you’ll be glad those pests are gone from your home! Never underestimate the power of a good pest control professional. You’ll be grateful for the quality, and the removal of any harmful pests.

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