Landscape to avoid desert pests

Your landscape could affect the type of pests that infest your home. Many desert pests are attracted to specific types of vegetation. If you design your landscape certain ways, you may be able to avoid any type of pests coming into your home.

Scorpions tend to make their residence under trees or rocks. If you currently have trees in your yard that you want to remove, you may want to rethink that. By removing the trees, you have removed the scorpion’s home. If they no longer have a home, they will invade yours. If you do uproot any trees in your yard, you will need to hire an exterminator immediately.pests scorpions

If you are planting trees for the first time, don’t let scorpions stop you. They will not invade your home if you plant new trees. You are giving them a place to live so they will leave you alone.

In Las Vegas, there are many other insects that could invade your home other than scorpions. You have to look out for spiders, ants, crickets and even snakes. These can be attracted to your home depending on your landscape. Rock landscape is the best option to avoid most pests. Snakes tend to like tall grass. Spiders don’t like plants but they do like the other insects that plants attract. By designing you yard without any vegetation, you won’t encounter many pests.

Scorpions do tend to live under rocks as well. However, they won’t bother you as long as you don’t remove their home.

A cactus landscape is also good for avoiding insect infestations. Cactus is convenient to plant in your yard because it won’t die in the Las Vegas heat. It is even versatile. Cacti come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Some even grow colorful flowers. Cacti do not attract any terrible insects. Spiders and scorpions have no desire to hang around cacti. There are a few pests that are attracted to cacti. These include a variety of mealy bugs, caterpillars and cochineal insects. Fortunately, none of these are deadly. You can have a cacti landscape and your pets will be safe from possible deadly spider bites and scorpions stings. The pests that are attracted to cacti are much smaller. They won’t be as bothersome as spiders and scorpions.

If you do have a cacti landscape, you are at risk of birds coming to your yard. Typically, they just drink the fluid in the cacti then fly away. If birds do become a problem, you may have to consider changing your landscape. In the mean time, Las Vegas exterminators can help you. R and C Pest Control offers a variety of services, all at an affordable cost. The exterminators are dedicated to making you home a pest-free environment. For more information about pest control, contact 702.257.2847.