Las Vegas pest control: snakes

It seems scary to think that a snake could get into your home in Las Vegas. Not only would it be inconvenient to have snakes intruding your home, but there are various types of poisonous snakes. This can be especially scary if you have children or pets. For the most part, snakes are not likely to get into your Vegas home. Some housing developments though are located on the outskirts of town in the desert. These are the people that have to worry about snakes.

There are a variety of ways to trap and kill snakes. Fortunately most desert snakes that are likely to enter your home are nonvenomous. But before you do attempt to trap the snake, you need to be sure whether or not it is poisonous. Examine the colors of the snake and do you research. There are only four types of snakes in the US that are poisonous: rattlesnake, cottonmouth, copperheads, and coral snakes. Fortunately, only the rattlesnakes can be found in Las Vegas. However, not all rattlesnakes rattle before they attack. If you live in a home near the desert, be on the lookout for the rattle snake.

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If you do encounter a nonvenomous snake in your home, you should still be on alert. The snakes will still bite, though it typically isn’t that painful. Regardless of a snake bite or not, you still don’t want a snake intruding your home. It is fairly simple to remove a snake. The easiest way is to get a broom and sweep it out of your home. If you still feel uncomfortable being that close to a snake, it may just leave your home on its own. If the snake is located by a door that leads outside, leave the door open and block off the rest of your home. This leaves the snake with no other option then to leave.

You should take preventative measures so you won’t have to deal with snakes at all. The easiest way for a snake to enter your home is through holes and cracks. Inspect your entire home and patch up and hole that a snake might be able to enter. Remember that some baby snakes can be very small so don’t doubt its ability to fit through even the tiniest holes. Also, place screens over your vents and chimney.

Another way to prevent snakes from invading is to spray your home and yard with snake repellent. This can be found in many stores or bought online. You can even make a snake repellent using things you might have laying around your home. Soak towels in ammonia and strategically place them around your home. Also, snakes don’t like human hair. Place clumps of human hair around your front yard, and snakes will likely avoid your home.

If you are dealing with a poisonous snake in your home, seek professional help. A Las Vegas exterminator is trained to safely handle snakes. It is not worth the risk doing it yourself. For more information about Las Vegas pest control, contact 702.257.2847.