Las Vegas pest: Mormon cricket invasion

The Mormon cricket is a pesky insect that can grow up to nearly 3 inches in length. The Mormon cricket is actually not even technically a cricket. It is a shield backed katydid.  The Mormon cricket cannot fly, but this doesn’t stop them from traveling long distances. Naturally, the name came from the Mormon settlers in Utah, who came across swarms of these pests.las vegas pest

The Mormon cricket tends to stay within Utah, but from time to time has made its way across the grueling desert in Las Vegas. The last time Mormon crickets invaded the Vegas valley was from 2000 to 2008. At least 12 million acres of land were affected by the infestation. Mormon crickets caused hospitals to fill up. Motorists were getting in more accidents because the pests would leave behind a squishy mess on the street. In June, Nevada officials reported sight of a few Mormon crickets in a small town outside Las Vegas. Currently, they don’t seem to pose a threat. Keep in mind that these critters tend to increase in numbers in times of extreme drought.

Mormon crickets will destroy any vegetation in sight. If they eat it all, they will eat each other then.

As the Mormon cricket infestation gets closer to Las Vegas, prepare your homes from these pesky intruders.

Seal your home

You need to check all your windows and doors and be sure that everything is properly sealed at all times. Do not leave you door open for an extended period of time. This will open the door to pesky insects. Check your house for any holes in the walls. If you find any, patch them up right away. This is the most effective way of preventing them from entering your home. Keep your trash sealed as well. Of course you’ll be bringing the trash can in and out of your home. If you keep the lid constantly closed, then bugs won’t be able to creep inside.

Reduce vegetation

The Mormon cricket feeds on vegetation. If your home doesn’t have much out front, the little critter will likely move on its way to another home. Keep grass cut very low. Constantly clean your drain pipes for any leaves. Get rid of all unnecessary vegetation. If you keep potted plants outside, consider moving them indoors so you won’t have to worry about crickets getting to them.

Natural predators

Lizards and spiders love to eat crickets. Surely you don’t want your home infested by spiders, but if one happens to be roaming around your yard, don’t be so quick to kill it. This spider will eat any pesky crickets coming your way. The trade-off is one spider over a swarm of Mormon crickets.

When all else fails, a professional Las Vegas exterminator can do the job for you. They can get rid of any pests that currently invade your home. They can even spray around your home to ensure no pests will come your way. For more information about Las Vegas pest control, contact 702.257.2847.