Las Vegas spider control

las vegas spider control

Spiders are a huge nuisance in our lives. Not only is it inconvenient having them in your home, but some spiders are poisonous and could potentially be fatal. It’s a relief that spiders prefer to live outside, but sometimes they sneak their way into your home. Once a spider is in your home, it is fairly simple to kill it. All you have to do is smash it. You don’t want to have to worry about smashing spiders all the time though. Here are some ways to prevent spiders from invading your territory.

Patch up holes

Inspect your home for anyone small holes that a spider could make its way through. Always make sure that your windows and doors are closed at all times. For holes in wires and other electrical components, use caulk to patch them up. Wires tend to run outside so a spider could use this as access to your home. For fireplaces and vents, use insect screens.

Turn off outdoor lights

The lights themselves will not attract spiders but they could attract other insects that in turn would attract spiders. Keeping your lights on outside could lead to infestation of a multitude of bugs. Also, be sure to use shades to prevent your indoor lights from shining too brightly outside.

Put plants away from your house

If you have plants directly along the perimeter of your house spiders will be more likely to enter your home. Plants tend to attract spiders so if your plants are on the side of your yard away from your house, spiders are less likely to try and invade your home. Be diligent in removing any leaves or excess rocks that could get moved to the side of your house. The less that surrounds the perimeter of your home, the less likely spiders will be attracted to it.

Clean your home

Keeping things neat and clean can avoid spiders from entering your home. If they do, they are less likely to stay in a clean house. Always clean up immediately after eating to avoid crumbs from getting everywhere. Try not to have clutter around your house. This can encourage spiders to hang out. Use plastic containers for storage. Spiders can get through cardboard fairly easily, but they cannot get through plastic.

Use bug spray

Spray all the corners and cracks in your home with insecticide. This can ensure that even if spiders do enter your home they can be killed almost immediately by the spray. Be careful if you have pets because the spray can be dangerous for them. Always make sure to get a spray that works specifically for spiders. Not all sprays work for all insects.

When all else fails and your home is still constantly being invaded by spiders, seek professional help. For Las Vegas spider control, exterminators at R & C Pest Control can help. They can get rid of your spider problem. With regular visits, they can prevent any future problems from occurring. For more information, contact 702.257.2847.