Love Your Pests? A Las Vegas Pest Control Peace Offering

When it comes to pests, no one hates them quite like we do at R&C Pest Control. After all, we’ve made it our mission to eradicate harmful pests from your home or business. But February is here and Valentine’s Day has gotten us in the loving mood. So we thought we’d share some positive information on pests it’s okay to love. No need to call your Las Vegas pest control professional about these friendly guys.

Pests to LoveNice bugs

Honeybees: Sure, they have that stinger that isn’t a whole lot of fun if you ever come in contact with it, but honeybees are pretty important to flowers and other plants because they’re responsible for pollination. So when you’re picking up those Valentine’s Day flowers, be sure to thank the honeybee.

Praying Mantis: They may look kinda creepy, but these guys are pretty useful to have around (no need to call Las Vegas pest control!). The praying Mantis eats mosquitos, mites, aphids and other harmful insects. In fact, you can even order the bugs through catalogs!

Ladybugs: As useful as they are pretty, you’ll want to keep your ladybugs around. These polka-dotted sweeties are great for controlling aphids around the house and in the garden.

Spined Soldier Bug: While this little critter might look pretty frightening, he’s no reason to call for Las Vegas pest control service. The spined soldier bug eats loopers, beetles and harmful worms. Keep him around for the sake of your plants!

Crickets: Not only are these little guys not harmful, but crickets will also sing you to sleep! They rub their legs together to produce a sound that warns other males away from their lover, and even sing a post-mating song. How romantic!

Las Vegas Pest Control that Gets the Job Done!

Of course, it’s hard to feel romantic this time of year if you’ve got some UNFRIENDLY bugs around. Give R & C a call for all of your Las Vegas pest control needs.

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