Pesky Snake Problems? Read This

snake needs pest control las vegasSnakes are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the pests that can enter your home. Unfortunately, here in the desert, it can happen. This is an especially scary thought when you think about all the poisonous snakes that call the Las Vegas desert their home.

If you live in central Vegas, it is not likely that you’ll find a snake in your home. However, if you live in a newer housing development that sits on the outskirts of the city (or your home is near a lot of vacant land) your risk increases significantly.

Look, Don’t Touch

Before you try to do anything along the lines of catching your foe, look closely at the snake. The color and pattern of the snake’s skin can tell you a lot about the type of snake you are dealing with. Since most of the snakes that enter homes in the Valley are non-poisonous, you probably have nothing to worry about. Anything can happen, however, so do a little research to be sure.

If you find that the snake isn’t poisonous, proceed with caution. These snakes still have fangs and can bite you if they feel threatened. An easy way to get rid of these types of snakes is to use a broom and gently push it out of the home.

If you find that the snake is poisonous, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Don’t try to be a hero and trap it. If there is a way you can contain the snake, like closing a door, do that. Then call the experts in snake pest control Las Vegas homeowners trust. The pros are trained to handle these kinds of things so don’t place your life in unnecessary risk.


Keep snakes from ever getting into your home by spraying snake repellent inside and outside. You can DIY if you would like and purchase a repellent from the local hardware store. You can get a solution that is much stronger by contacting an exterminator Las Vegas can rely on for the most effective pest control services.

You also want to inspect your home for possible entry points. Snakes are slender and flexible creatures so they can get into even the smallest of holes and cracks. Check out your home – inside and outside – for possible entrances. Fill smaller holes and cracks with caulk. Patch up larger holes with materials from your local supply store.

If you are unsure about dealing with snakes in your home yourself, that is okay. Call R and C Pest Control to effectively get rid of intruding snakes. For more information about the pest control Las Vegas service, contact 702.257.2847.