Pest Control: Common Pest in Las Vegas

There are too many little creepy crawly insects running around don’t you think? Well even where you call home in Las Vegas there are many different kinds of pest that will get on your nerve. We all know that there are bugs everywhere but we don’t like knowing how close. The only way to ensure you get rid of your pest problem is by calling R and C Pest Control.

These are some of the most common pest you will find running around in our valley.

  • Scorpions

No one likes to come face to face with one of these little guys. They might seem harmless but I can assure you they are not. They have a total of 8 legs with two pinchers by their face. These little pitchers help them lock onto a potential victim. They also have a tail which has a stinger at the very end of it. Being stung by one of these things will ruin your day.  Getting rid of scorpions takes a professional Pest Control company.

  • Cockroaches

We see them everywhere, scurrying around once we turn a light on. These little guys can sometimes be a handful to take care of. They are everywhere and they reproduce very fast.  They are also tons of different kinds of them. Some can even fly. They usually pop up in moist environments. So avoiding throwing wet towels in the closet on the floor, you might have a few new friends living in your closet.

  • Ants

Ants are everywhere and you see them every day. They have taken over the dirt here in Las Vegas. You have to be very careful with ants. They might seem little and harmless but they will attack and they will bite you. An ant bite is very painful and very itchy. Ants usually live in colonies; if you want to get rid of your ants then you have to take out their whole colony. They work better in groups so be very cautious.

  • Spiders

Spiders are everywhere and that is no surprise to anyone. Spiders are rather small with 8 legs can move very fast. There a variety of different types of spiders. Some are poisonous and can do deathly harm to you. For example the black widow, you can tell this spider by it being all black and having a red hour glass on its stomach.  If you are bit by a black widow it’s the best idea to get to a hospital right away.

  • Bees

Another very common pest in Las Vegas is the bee. They live in a hive that they and other fellow bees build. If you see a hive it’s in your best interest that you do not go over to it and rattle it. When bees feel threatened they will attack, especially if you are messing with their hive. Then you will have more than just one bee chasing you, it’ll be multiple.