Principles of Integrated Pest Management

las vegas pest controlLas Vegas pest control  is a member of integrated pest management and supports it completely. Integrated pest management is a great way to make sure that pests are removed in the best possible way, but also with the smallest harm to you.  Today we have some interesting ways to help you understand what integrated pest management is and how you can incorporate it into your daily life.

Grow a healthy crop

The focus of integrated pest management is on cultural practices that are aimed at keeping your crops healthy. Selection of varieties that are resistant or tolerant to pests is an important aspect. Attention to soil, nutrient and water management is part of growing a healthy crop. Many integrated pest management programs adopt a holistic approach and consider a wider range of agro-ecological parameters related to crop production.

Managing the agro-ecosystem

It is important to do this in such a way that your pests remain below economic damaging levels, rather than attempt to eradicate the pest. Prevention of the pest build up and encouragement of natural mortality of the pest is the first line of defense to protect the crop. Non-chemical practices are used to make the field and the crop inhospitable to the insect pest species and hospitable to their natural enemies and to prevent conditions favorable to build up weeds and diseases.

Apply external inputs 

External inputs may include predators or parasites, labor to remove the pest manually, pest attracting lures, pest traps, or pesticides. The choice of external input varies for each situation. Pesticides are generally used if economically viable pest control is not available, or fails to control the pest. These are applied only when field monitoring shows that a pest population has reached a level that is likely to cause a positive effect on net farm profits. Selection of products and applications techniques should aim to minimize adverse effects on non-target species.

Different groups use different interpretations of IPM. Claims of individual pesticide companies that products are IPM-compatible, or fit in IPM strategies do not imply that an IPM strategy is actually pursued. IPM is broader than any rationalization of pesticide use, such as stretching intervals of of calender-based applications, or limiting number of applications by observing economic levels.

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