Pest Control Services in Las Vegas

pest control servicesDo you need pest control service in Las Vegas, but are unsure about the risk, procedure, time-frame or other details? At R and C Pest Control, we aim to make the extermination process as simple and convenient as possible. And that means answering all the questions you have. Here are some of our most common, but we’re happy to discuss your questions personally any time.

Pest Control Services FAQ:

Q: Why do I need pest control service?

A: While controlling the pests in your home may at times be a hassle, we believe that your home should be your sanctuary – a place where you can be comfortable and make lasting memories. We’ve seen first-hand the havoc that a pest infestation wreaks on a home, from health and sanitation issues to property damage to bodily injury. In your business, the presence of pests is most certainly a liability, as they can lead to injury, unsanitary working conditions and other damage.

Q: Are your solutions one-size-fits-all?

A: We have a huge menu of pest control services for Las Vegas. That said, we are always willing to sit down with our customers to help them determine the best course of action to eradicate unwanted pests. We can tailor our services to any customer and any job, so you’re guaranteed to get the service you require.

Q: Are there risks or hazards involved in the process?

A: Because we hire and dispatch only the experienced, licensed professionals, we minimize any risk associated with the extermination process. Our products are safe for your home and business, and we’ll make sure you understand exactly what our process will entail and what actions you’ll need to take. Your family’s safety is our biggest concern.

Q: How do I know if I have pests?

A: Often, if you have a pest infestation you’ll know it; whether that’s from seeing the actual creatures around, or finding signs like droppings, discolorations or skin shedding, or bites or stings on your body. That said, if you suspect an infestation but you’re unsure, we’re happy to inspect your home and let you know the extent of your problem.

Got a specific pest control service question? Give us a call today!

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