Understanding Different Types of Pest Control

las vegas pest controlThere are many different types of pest controls that can be used to get rid of all sorts of pests in your yard and home. This article will explain the options available, and which ones are best to use.


This is the control and management of natural predators and parasites. For example, mosquitoes are often controlled by putting a bacterium that affects the larvae into local water sources. This treatment has no known consequences on humans or other parts of remaining ecology. The point of this type of pest control is to eliminate the pests with minimal harm to the ecological balance of the rest of the habitat.


This is the use of hands-on techniques as well as simple equipment and natural ingredients that provide a protective barrier between plants and insects. For example, weeds can be controlled by being removed from the ground. This is the oldest method of weed control.


This is a method of getting rid of insects and small rodents by attacking, setting up barriers and removing things that will prevent the further destruction of plants.

Elimination of breeding grounds

Proper management of and drainage of water may eliminate the breeding ground of many pests. Garbage provides food and shelter for many unwanted organisms in your yard. If you have these in your yard, you may as well have created a perfect breeding ground for pests. Communities that have proper garbage disposal have far less of a problem with rats, cockroaches, flies, and other pests.

Poisoned bait

This is a common method for controlling rat populations, but it is not as effective if there are other food sources around, such as garbage. Poisoned meats have been used for a long time to kill off wolves, and other creatures. This can be a problem if a carcass which has been poisoned will kill the animal, and any other animals that may feed on it. It is dangerous. Humans have also been killed by coming into contact with poisoned meat.


Pesticides are yet another way to get rid of pesky problems in your yard. Spraying pesticides by handheld units, trucks, or planes that carry the spraying equipment is another common way to control pests. Crop dusters commonly fly over farmlands and spray pesticides over plants that have pests that threaten the crops.

These pesticides and more are great ways to get rid of pesky problems in your yard. If you feel you have any of these problems and want a more ethical way to get rid of them, talk to a Las Vegas pest control specialist today. A competent specialist will be able to help you with all your pest control needs, and will understand that there are many different ways to get rid of pesky problems. If you have problems and typical solutions haven’t worked for you, a professional should be able to give you alternative ideas.

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