Understanding Mosquitos

Many Las Vegas residents mistakenly believe that mosquitoes don’t exist out here in the desert. However, as long as there is stagnant water, mosquitoes can thrive. Even in the desert, these pests can make your life miserable with irritating bites and even the transmission of diseases. Learn about these frustrating pests and how you can protect yourself from them with this guide from the pest control Las Vegas experts you trust.

The Life of a Biter

mosquitoes need exterminator las vegasIt is really important to understand that you do not have to live in a swamp-like climate to experience mosquito life-cycles. The two most common types of mosquitos will lay their eggs in any kind of standing water. This includes bird baths, rain barrels, tin cans and roof gutters.

When the eggs hatch, they become larvae that wiggle around in the water and eat microorganisms on the surface of the still water. The larvae grow into pupa and then adults only a few days after hatching.

Once they are adults, the male mosquitoes feed on plant nectar and juices for a week or two until they die. Female mosquitoes live for about a month and are the ones responsible for stealing your blood. The blood feeding is necessary for them to lay their eggs.

Beat the Bites

If you are bitten by mosquitoes, it is most likely going to happen in the evening hours. With that being the case, it is a good idea to stay indoors if you really want to reduce your risk of being bitten. Clothing that covers the skin is also a good idea.

There are also mosquito repellants that you can use to keep the biters away while you are outside. You can opt for topical applications or little devices that claim to prevent them from entering your general space. However, it is said that those devices – like candles and electric lamps – really are not effective in getting rid of the bugs or keeping them from biting you.

Take Them Out

One way you can get rid of mosquitoes is to destroy their breeding grounds. Find the standing water and eliminate it. Empty and dispose of old buckets, cans and tires that may be collecting water. Keep your rain gutters clean and change the water in your bird baths at least once a week.

You can also contact the best exterminator Las Vegas offers to manage an invasion of mosquitoes for you. For more information about the exterminator Las Vegas trusts, contact R and C Pest control at 702.257.2847.