Vegas pest control: Tobacco Budworm

If you maintain a garden in Las Vegas, you may come across some unwelcome pests. If the problem gets too out of control, you may need to hire a Vegas pest control pest control budworm

The Tobacco Budworm is in the larval or caterpillar stage of becoming a moth. This insect is most commonly found in Colorado but has been seen in Nevada and other states. These will be the most bothersome pests if you have a garden. They are most commonly seen feeding on geraniums, petunias and nicotianas. However, it has been seen on roses and other types of flowers as well.

The Tobacco Budworm tends to attack the flower buds or ovaries of developing flowers. If buds of your flowers fail to open or the coloring is off, this could likely be an indicator that the Tobacco Budworm damaged your flowers. Petals or leaves may have tiny holes in them. As the growing season progresses for these types of flowers, the Tobacco Budworm is more likely to damage the flowers. They are most commonly found to attack during late summer. In certain parts of the country, the damage has become so severe that geraniums and petunias have been discontinued.

If you grow these types of flowers in your garden, be proactive by getting rid of Tobacco Budworms in April or May. At the first site of holes in the leaves take preventative measures. These insects like to hide in the soil during the daytime. It is best to find them roaming about when the sun is setting. Simply search the flowers for these pests then remove them with your fingers. If you maintain these types of flowers during the off season, it is important that you remove and change the soil. This can prevent the Tobacco Budworm from maintaining a permanent residence on your garden.

The Tobacco Budworm has adapted to its surroundings and is resistant to many types of pesticide. Only very specific pesticides will work to kill this insect. Because it is a very adaptable insect, it can handle both the grueling Las Vegas summers and the harsh Colorado winters.

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