Your Winter Checklist For Preventing Pests

Temperatures are dropping and people are starting to bundle up to get out of the cold. Naturally, desert pests don’t like the cold very much either. And, because ants and scorpions can’t bundle up themselves, they seek refuge wherever they can. More often than not, this brings them right where you hate them most: your home.

Protect your home from pests this winter with this checklist from the best exterminator in Las Vegas.

Check the Foundation

Check the foundation and external structure of your home for cracks and holes. Fill them with caulk if you find any. For holes that are larger than one quarter of an inch, consider covering the hole with copper or aluminum mesh before you seal it with caulk. This will prevent any larger pests from chewing through the caulk.

Check the Perimeter

exterminator in las vegas stops pests from entering homeCheck to see if any trees or shrubs are touching the perimeter of your home. If they are, prune them back for the winter. It is too easy for creepy crawling creatures to scuttle into your home from nearby plant life.

On the same token, make sure there are no piles of leaves or wood too close to the home. These types of natural structures tend to give pests a warm place to hide. They’ll quickly find their way into your home if their makeshift shelters are close enough to the building.

If you keep any bird feeders close to the home, make sure you check these as well.  Also make sure they are regularly cleaned to keep pests away from the feeder and your home.

Check for Entrances

Pests can get into your home a number of different ways.

First, you want to check your screens, windows and doors for holes, tears and cracks. Fill holes and cracks with caulk and patch tears in window screens to keep out unwanted house guests. You’ll want to repeat this on the inside of your home to be extra sure that no pests will be coming home for Christmas.

Also check that you are keeping your garage door closed as much as possible. Even though the garage isn’t as warm as your house, it is still better than being outside so pests will seek refuge there if they can. Once they’re in the garage, it’s only a matter of time before they find their way into your living spaces.

If you just can’t seem to manage to keep the pests out, contact the experts at R and C Pest Control for the best pest control service Las Vegas offers. For more information about the exterminator Las Vegas relies on, contact 702.257.2847.