The Worst Pests to Have

There are pests that frustrate everyone simply by existing. Ants, cockroaches and spiders are just a few of the annoying pests you can have. Unfortunately, there are some pests that are more than frustrating: They are a down right menace. Here is a quick guide about the worst of the worst in the insect world from the exterminator Las Vegas homeowners rely on.


swarm of locusts needs pest control las vegasThis insect has been plaguing mankind for literally thousands of year. The locust was a major player in the original biblical plague. These guys only become a worrisome threat when they swarm. As a swarm, they can destroy crops in massive numbers. That is because swarms of locusts fly around with the direction of the wind eating about 2 grams of vegetation every day.

Mormon Cricket

This large cricket is actually not a cricket at all. It is called a katydid and it can destroy crops in a way that is very similar to that of the locust. Their appetites are so voracious, they will even eat each other without a second thought.

As if that wasn’t enough, these bugs create slick spots on the road when crushed which can cause cars to get in accidents.


termite infestation needs pest control las vegasTermites also form swarms to travel from one place to another to mate. Thankfully, termites are essentially harmless as a flying swarm because they are more concerned with mating and surviving. However, once you find one or two or three in your home, it is time to schedule the pest control Las Vegas homeowners trust. These guys will literally eat your home.

Of out all the different species of termites, the species residing in the US is one of the most destructive types.

Fire Ants

After coming from South America on a ship almost 100 years ago, fire ants have effectively become a frustration in every corner of the country. If you find a fire ant nest in your yard, you’ll want to contact an exterminator Las Vegas can trust to manage that for you. Disturbing a fire ant nest can result in a very painful experience for you.

While they are small, fire ants have a relatively potent venom. Their venom can kill small animals and even people who have an allergic reaction to them.

Yellow Jackets

yellow jacket needs pest control las vegasThis is a type of yellow and black wasp that is aggressively dangerous. They will pursue any perceived threat and sting repeatedly. In areas with warmer climates, this is a frightening thing because yellow jackets don’t get killed off by the winter weather. That means a yellow jacket nest can grow to astronomical levels.

Emerald Ash Borer

This insect is fond of the ash tree. The larvae of the insect find their way into the tree and feast on the life plant tissue under the bark. This makes it so that the tree can’t get water and nutrients up to the top branches of the tree. This devastation of ash trees can be seen most in urban areas.

Stink Bugs

stink bugs need pest control las vegasAs the name suggests, these insects smell terrible when they are crushed or even when they feel threatened. You can see how that would be a problem when you try to take care of an infestation in your home. If you notice even just a few, there is a good chance you are already dealing with an infestation. Call a pest control Las Vegas service instead of trying to manage this yourself. Your home and your nose will thank you.

Gypsy Moth

This is a moth that is particularly frustrating. Swarms of these moths have an appetite that is so large, they will eat just about everything off of the tree they are living in all the way down to the branches. Their tree of choice is the hardwood tree.

Many of these pests on this list will literally eat the home around you. If you notice one or two, don’t wait to find out just how bad the infestation is.  Contact the experts at R & C Pest Control because they are the exterminators Las Vegas residents trust the most. For more information about the best pest control Las Vegas has, contact 702.257.2847.