Pest Control: Scorpions

Las Vegas is a desert so as a resident you may have to deal with dreaded desert pests like the scorpion. They skulk around your home just waiting to unleash their poison. You will wake up from a long night’s sleep only to see a scorpion just hanging out on your ceiling. You will be getting undressed ready to take a shower when just as you step one foot in, you see a scorpion chilling by the drain. You step outside to get into your car when, oh wait, there’s a couple scorpions hanging around the driver’s side. They are pesky little critters that could potentially sting you, your family or pets. Here are a few tips to try and avoid having to deal with this desert bug.

Don’t change your landscape

If you are unhappy with the way your yard looks and have the desire to change things, be aware. Uprooting plants can unleash a plague of scorpions into your home, especially if you live near the outskirts of town. Scorpions tend to live underground, mainly under trees or rocks. Any movement of these and they will no longer have their homes. Because you took their home away, they will intrude on your home.

Get a chicken

Chickens actually eat scorpions. Of course, now you have to deal with chickens invading your home. You could also get a cat. Preferably get a male cat, as they tend to be more likely to hunt. The cat will hunt then eat the scorpions so your problem should subside. Of course, some cats are lazy and don’t hunt at all so be precise in choosing the right cat.

Keep your house dry

Scorpions like wet places. Ensure none of your pipes are leaking and be careful with cleaning up any water spills if they do occur. A ventilator can help dry your bathroom faster so hopefully you will no longer see them in your shower.

Use a black light at night

This doesn’t prevent them from coming in but it will help you see them. Scorpions have an exoskeleton that glows in the dark under a black light. Shine a black light over your room prior to sleeping so you can catch any predators before dosing off.


Scorpions do sting. The smaller the scorpion is the more poisonous it is. A single scorpion sting typically isn’t deadly but if the scorpion problem at your home is severe enough, you may be at risk of getting stung multiple times. Stings could potentially be deadly. If children are stung even just one time, seek medical attention.

If you live in a deserted part of town and have a serious scorpion problem, seek professional help. Las Vegas exterminators at R and C Pest control can help take care of your problem in a safe way. You may need the Las Vegas pest control company to come out to your home on a regular basis. Scorpions will likely return, so always be aware. Contact 702.257.2847 for more information about services and pricing.