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scorpion exterminators in Las VegasThere are some glorious benefits to living in the beautiful Las Vegas desert: spectacular scenery, outdoor recreation and beautiful weather. But there are a few things the desert offers that may not be quite so desirable – like scorpions. In Las Vegas, scorpions are more prevalent than we’d like, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with these pesky – and dangerous – critters. You can call our experienced scorpion exterminators to help!

Technically a member of the arachnid family (like spiders), scorpions are eight-legged creatures that have the ability to inflict painful stings on victims. While some scorpion stings are about as serious as a bee sting, a sting from certain species can be lethal. A scorpion sting can produce inflammation, itching, swelling, numbness, severe pain and even muscle twitching, convulsing and difficulty breathing. Obviously, if you have unwanted scorpions hanging around your home or business, it’s time to exterminate those pests! Call the scorpion exterminators at R&C Pest Control now!

Las Vegas Scorpions Exterminators

Scorpion ExterminatorSeeing even a single scorpion in your home can be a sign of an infestation. A female scorpion has the ability to birth up to 100 babies, so these pests can multiply quickly. Additionally, scorpions thrive, grow and reproduce in dry, mild environments – like your home or business. Since scorpions are carnivores that prey on roaches, crickets, silverfish and other insects, if you’ve got other pests infesting your home, you’re more likely to attract scorpions as well.

At R and C Pest Control, we have extensive experience and expertise working to control and eradicate scorpion infestations in homes and businesses. We understand how scorpions behave, where they hide and how to effectively remove them from homes and places of business.

If you currently have or suspect a scorpion infestation, you don’t need to live with the threat of painful stings and the ongoing annoyance of these unsightly visitors. Give R and C Pest Control a call today and we’ll create a customized Las Vegas scorpion control plan that works for you.

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