Tips for Avoiding Bedbugs on Vacation, Part 3

DIY Pest ControlIf you enter a hotel room and feel that you may have a bedbug infestation, it is vital to inform the hotel staff immediately. If you don’t, you may be going home with more serious consequences than just bug bites- you could bring the bugs home with you, and infect your home, and even your neighborhood. It is important to catch these problems as quickly as possible if you feel you have an infestation. Read on to find out our final tips about avoiding bedbugs on vacation.

Ask your hotel about bedbug prevention plans

Before you check in, ask your hotel what practices they have employed to deal with treatment and prevention of bedbugs. The majority of businesses in the hospitality industry are doing a great job to have an action plan in place to protect their guests and themselves. Many hotels will conduct a proactive inspection and work with Las Vegas pest management companies to remedy any problems.

Read reviews (carefully)

With a little bit of research on the internet, it is easy to find out if bedbugs have been reported at your hotel. The Bed Bug Registry, for example, is a free online database of user-submitted reports across North America. Travel sites may also offer clues in their reviews. Don’t put too much stock in these resources, though. There’s no accountability for what people are posting, so it could be a disgruntled employee or a competing property. And even if the hotel does in fact have a room with a problem, they should jump on it right away. Just because one guest has a problem on Saturday, doesn’t mean another will have it on Wednesday, or that it’s a hotel-wide problem.

Pitch a tent

One way to make sure you don’t have bedbugs on your vacation is to bring your lodging with you. Bedbugs are hitchhikers and they come into your life based on you being somewhere that they are, too. Because of this, there is little chance you’ll come into contact with them if you’re pitching a tent in the woods, or traveling in your own mobile home. Don’t feel compelled to avoid hotels forever, though. Wherever you are, there’s a chance you could pick up and bring home bedbugs when you’re out and about. If you’ve planned a camping trip, your likelihood of catching bedbugs will be lower.

Bedbugs are tricky pests, and hard ones to be rid of on your own. If you feel you have a bedbug problem, contact our offices today and find that you’ll have much better success getting rid of them. If you have run into a bedbug problem on vacation, it is wise to be sure you are rid of them before you leave, otherwise you may bring them into your home. Contact our offices and professionals today if you have any questions regarding bedbugs, and we can help you get rid of them.

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