The Pests That Are Most Likely to Bug You in Vegas

You can thank the weather here in Vegas for all the pests that bother you throughout the year. Here is a quick guide about the pesky pests that are most likely to bug you in Las Vegas.


scorpionThis is a particularly creepy crawler with venomous stings that can cause nausea, numbness, vomiting and difficulty breathing. While no one has ever been known to die from a scorpion sting in the U.S., it is an injury that should be taken very seriously. You are most likely to see scorpions in your home in the winter when they seek shelter from the cold. Watch out for them in cracks around baseboards, light switches and light fixtures. Seal as many cracks as you can see and call the exterminator Las Vegas trusts to get rid of them for you.


cockroaches need exterminator las vegasThis insect is not deadly but that does not make their presence any less frustrating. You are most likely to see these bugs at night feeding on crumbs left around the home. It is possible to get rid of cockroaches yourself, however, it can be tough. A better bet is to seek out the help of the best exterminator Las Vegas offers to get the job done right the first time.


Ants need exterminator Las VegasAnts can enter your home through the smallest cracks. You can usually find them traveling in a line because they are following the scent of pheromones to food. If you so choose, there are many ways for you to get rid of ants naturally on your own. Just be careful when dealing with red fire ants. They have a bite that hurts and can even cause allergic reaction in some people.


black widow needs las vegas exterminatorsThere are plenty of spiders in the desert but you want to watch out for the desert recluse, black widow and the camel spider the most. All three of these spiders have a bite that is dangerous to humans. If you find one of these in or outside of your home, schedule the pest control Las Vegas residents love to take care of these dangerous arachnids.

Elm Root Borer

elm root borer needs exterminator las vegasThis is a huge black or brown beetle that looks a lot like a larger type of cockroach. It can grow to be as large as eight inches and can fly. It prefers to eat tree root so it can be difficult to notice a developing infestation until it is too late. Because of that, infestations can be tough to get rid of. If you see one in your home, there are many more close by. Call the best exterminator Las Vegas offers to get rid of them right away.


africanized honey bee needs exterminator las vegasThe most established bee in Nevada is the Africanized honeybee. They tend to build their nests in places where people are likely to accidently bother them so be careful. If you find a nest on your property, call an exterminator or bee keeper. Don’t try to remedy the issue on your own unless you have experience dealing with bees.


cricketThese pests are annoying but completely harmless. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about them is their high pitched chirps in the middle of the night.



cicadasThis is another harmless insect that makes annoying noises during the evenings in summer. It is unlikely that you will find these guys inside your home. They live underground for most of their lives. They surface for about two months as an adult before they die.

Whether the pests you are dealing with are harmless or harmful, you deserve to be pest free. Contact the experts at R & C Pest Control because they are the exterminators Las Vegas residents trust the most. For more information about the best pest control Las Vegas has, contact 702.257.2847.