Las Vegas pest control: snakes

It seems scary to think that a snake could get into your home in Las Vegas. Not only would it be inconvenient to have snakes intruding your home, but there are various types of poisonous snakes. This can be especially scary if you have children or pets. For the most part, snakes are not likely to get into your Vegas home. Some housing developments though are located on the outskirts of town in the desert. These are the people that have to worry about snakes.

There are a variety of ways to trap and kill snakes. Fortunately most desert snakes that are likely to enter your home are nonvenomous. But before you do attempt to trap the snake, you need to be sure whether or not it is poisonous. Examine the colors of the snake and do you research. There are only four types of snakes in the US that are poisonous: rattlesnake, cottonmouth, copperheads, and coral snakes. Fortunately, only the rattlesnakes can be found in Las Vegas. However, not all rattlesnakes rattle before they attack. If you live in a home near the desert, be on the lookout for the rattle snake.

las vegas pest control snkae

If you do encounter a nonvenomous snake in your home, you should still be on alert. The snakes will still bite, though it typically isn’t that painful. Regardless of a snake bite or not, you still don’t want a snake intruding your home. It is fairly simple to remove a snake. The easiest way is to get a broom and sweep it out of your home. If you still feel uncomfortable being that close to a snake, it may just leave your home on its own. If the snake is located by a door that leads outside, leave the door open and block off the rest of your home. This leaves the snake with no other option then to leave.

You should take preventative measures so you won’t have to deal with snakes at all. The easiest way for a snake to enter your home is through holes and cracks. Inspect your entire home and patch up and hole that a snake might be able to enter. Remember that some baby snakes can be very small so don’t doubt its ability to fit through even the tiniest holes. Also, place screens over your vents and chimney.

Another way to prevent snakes from invading is to spray your home and yard with snake repellent. This can be found in many stores or bought online. You can even make a snake repellent using things you might have laying around your home. Soak towels in ammonia and strategically place them around your home. Also, snakes don’t like human hair. Place clumps of human hair around your front yard, and snakes will likely avoid your home.

If you are dealing with a poisonous snake in your home, seek professional help. A Las Vegas exterminator is trained to safely handle snakes. It is not worth the risk doing it yourself. For more information about Las Vegas pest control, contact 702.257.2847.

Las Vegas spider control

las vegas spider control

Spiders are a huge nuisance in our lives. Not only is it inconvenient having them in your home, but some spiders are poisonous and could potentially be fatal. It’s a relief that spiders prefer to live outside, but sometimes they sneak their way into your home. Once a spider is in your home, it is fairly simple to kill it. All you have to do is smash it. You don’t want to have to worry about smashing spiders all the time though. Here are some ways to prevent spiders from invading your territory.

Patch up holes

Inspect your home for anyone small holes that a spider could make its way through. Always make sure that your windows and doors are closed at all times. For holes in wires and other electrical components, use caulk to patch them up. Wires tend to run outside so a spider could use this as access to your home. For fireplaces and vents, use insect screens.

Turn off outdoor lights

The lights themselves will not attract spiders but they could attract other insects that in turn would attract spiders. Keeping your lights on outside could lead to infestation of a multitude of bugs. Also, be sure to use shades to prevent your indoor lights from shining too brightly outside.

Put plants away from your house

If you have plants directly along the perimeter of your house spiders will be more likely to enter your home. Plants tend to attract spiders so if your plants are on the side of your yard away from your house, spiders are less likely to try and invade your home. Be diligent in removing any leaves or excess rocks that could get moved to the side of your house. The less that surrounds the perimeter of your home, the less likely spiders will be attracted to it.

Clean your home

Keeping things neat and clean can avoid spiders from entering your home. If they do, they are less likely to stay in a clean house. Always clean up immediately after eating to avoid crumbs from getting everywhere. Try not to have clutter around your house. This can encourage spiders to hang out. Use plastic containers for storage. Spiders can get through cardboard fairly easily, but they cannot get through plastic.

Use bug spray

Spray all the corners and cracks in your home with insecticide. This can ensure that even if spiders do enter your home they can be killed almost immediately by the spray. Be careful if you have pets because the spray can be dangerous for them. Always make sure to get a spray that works specifically for spiders. Not all sprays work for all insects.

When all else fails and your home is still constantly being invaded by spiders, seek professional help. For Las Vegas spider control, exterminators at R & C Pest Control can help. They can get rid of your spider problem. With regular visits, they can prevent any future problems from occurring. For more information, contact 702.257.2847.

Pest Control: Scorpions

Las Vegas is a desert so as a resident you may have to deal with dreaded desert pests like the scorpion. They skulk around your home just waiting to unleash their poison. You will wake up from a long night’s sleep only to see a scorpion just hanging out on your ceiling. You will be getting undressed ready to take a shower when just as you step one foot in, you see a scorpion chilling by the drain. You step outside to get into your car when, oh wait, there’s a couple scorpions hanging around the driver’s side. They are pesky little critters that could potentially sting you, your family or pets. Here are a few tips to try and avoid having to deal with this desert bug.

Don’t change your landscape

If you are unhappy with the way your yard looks and have the desire to change things, be aware. Uprooting plants can unleash a plague of scorpions into your home, especially if you live near the outskirts of town. Scorpions tend to live underground, mainly under trees or rocks. Any movement of these and they will no longer have their homes. Because you took their home away, they will intrude on your home.

Get a chicken

Chickens actually eat scorpions. Of course, now you have to deal with chickens invading your home. You could also get a cat. Preferably get a male cat, as they tend to be more likely to hunt. The cat will hunt then eat the scorpions so your problem should subside. Of course, some cats are lazy and don’t hunt at all so be precise in choosing the right cat.

Keep your house dry

Scorpions like wet places. Ensure none of your pipes are leaking and be careful with cleaning up any water spills if they do occur. A ventilator can help dry your bathroom faster so hopefully you will no longer see them in your shower.

Use a black light at night

This doesn’t prevent them from coming in but it will help you see them. Scorpions have an exoskeleton that glows in the dark under a black light. Shine a black light over your room prior to sleeping so you can catch any predators before dosing off.


Scorpions do sting. The smaller the scorpion is the more poisonous it is. A single scorpion sting typically isn’t deadly but if the scorpion problem at your home is severe enough, you may be at risk of getting stung multiple times. Stings could potentially be deadly. If children are stung even just one time, seek medical attention.

If you live in a deserted part of town and have a serious scorpion problem, seek professional help. Las Vegas exterminators at R and C Pest control can help take care of your problem in a safe way. You may need the Las Vegas pest control company to come out to your home on a regular basis. Scorpions will likely return, so always be aware. Contact 702.257.2847 for more information about services and pricing.

10 tips to help with pest control in Las Vegas

download (1)Sometimes it seems like we are doing everything in our power to keep pest from getting into our homes. But it’s just never enough and they always seem to find their way back. Well sometimes by just keeping your house clean and reducing clutter can keep pest away. Pest control in Las Vegas can be difficult because there are just bugs everywhere, but these 10 helpful tips should help us get rid of some of those creepy crawlies.

  1. Clean your floors

By keeping your floors clean you are taking away crumbs of food and dirt that attracts ants. By also keeping items picked up from the floor you can eliminate cockroaches that like to hide in bundles of clothes.

  1. Take the trash out

Taking the trash out can help reduce ants in the home. They can smell the trash and can start to go inside of it if it’s not taken out once every few days.  With pest control in Las Vegas ants are known for digging through the trash. This will also eliminate any foul odor in your home.

  1. Put fruit inside the refrigerator

Leaving apples and bananas out in that cute dish you bought can actually cause pest to come into your home. To avoid ants and fruit flies just put all fruit into the refrigerator.

  1. Keep your sink clean

To avoid mice and ants keep the kitchen sink clean.  You can do this by washing the dishes as they get dirty or rinse off dishes completely before putting them in the sink. Use the dishwasher as much possible to avoid overflow of the sink.

  1. Make sure lids are tight on containers

If you have food in containers that sit on the counters like flour and sugar make sure the lids are sealed on completely.  Ants like anything sweet and if a lid is left open than its fair game to them.

  1. Keep areas of the house dry

Keep everything dry in the house. Try to avoid throwing wet towels and swim suits on the floor. Cockroaches like anything that is dark and moist and will hide in the towels. Pest are attracted to moisture so avoid anything being wet for long periods of time.

  1. Clean your pets weekly

Sometimes our 4 legged friends can attract pest into our homes. After they have been out playing in the dirt they track it into the house. Set up a routine to give your pet a bath once every week to avoid any bugs that they might be bringing in.

  1. Make sure the house is sealed

Make sure that all the cracks, windows, doors and floors are all sealed. Any cracks in the house can be an open door for bugs to walk right in. So if you are seeing critters in your house look for any obvious cracks.

  1. Keep outside of the home clutter free

Pick up trash that is starting to gather up around the sides of your home. Avoid stacking wood near the house because cockroaches love to hide in wood. Keeping the outside of the house clean will avoid any other pest from coming in.

  1. Watch what you are bringing into the house

After you get home from a vacation you can sometimes bring in pest that you are unaware of. The same things goes for fruit and vegetables bought at the store, sometimes bugs can attach themselves to food and come along for the ride.

Pest Control: Common Pest in Las Vegas

There are too many little creepy crawly insects running around don’t you think? Well even where you call home in Las Vegas there are many different kinds of pest that will get on your nerve. We all know that there are bugs everywhere but we don’t like knowing how close. The only way to ensure you get rid of your pest problem is by calling R and C Pest Control.

These are some of the most common pest you will find running around in our valley.

  • Scorpions

No one likes to come face to face with one of these little guys. They might seem harmless but I can assure you they are not. They have a total of 8 legs with two pinchers by their face. These little pitchers help them lock onto a potential victim. They also have a tail which has a stinger at the very end of it. Being stung by one of these things will ruin your day.  Getting rid of scorpions takes a professional Pest Control company.

  • Cockroaches

We see them everywhere, scurrying around once we turn a light on. These little guys can sometimes be a handful to take care of. They are everywhere and they reproduce very fast.  They are also tons of different kinds of them. Some can even fly. They usually pop up in moist environments. So avoiding throwing wet towels in the closet on the floor, you might have a few new friends living in your closet.

  • Ants

Ants are everywhere and you see them every day. They have taken over the dirt here in Las Vegas. You have to be very careful with ants. They might seem little and harmless but they will attack and they will bite you. An ant bite is very painful and very itchy. Ants usually live in colonies; if you want to get rid of your ants then you have to take out their whole colony. They work better in groups so be very cautious.

  • Spiders

Spiders are everywhere and that is no surprise to anyone. Spiders are rather small with 8 legs can move very fast. There a variety of different types of spiders. Some are poisonous and can do deathly harm to you. For example the black widow, you can tell this spider by it being all black and having a red hour glass on its stomach.  If you are bit by a black widow it’s the best idea to get to a hospital right away.

  • Bees

Another very common pest in Las Vegas is the bee. They live in a hive that they and other fellow bees build. If you see a hive it’s in your best interest that you do not go over to it and rattle it. When bees feel threatened they will attack, especially if you are messing with their hive. Then you will have more than just one bee chasing you, it’ll be multiple.

Getting Rid of Ants


Ants are a common problem that you may find in your home. Because of this, it is important to understand how to get rid of them. Especially in the spring and summer, you will find there is significantly more problems with ants than in the cold months. Trees will grow new leaves, and this means that and so want to feed on new things. Answer actually one of the most common pests that you may find in your household. Getting rid of these types of infestations can be very difficult. That is why we have the tips for you on how best to do this.

Prevent the ants 

The most important thing to do when you were trying to get rid of ants, is to make sure you prevent them before they arrive. This is a very important thing to do in order to make sure that your aunts do not come back. This is best done by making sure that you keep surfaces in your home as clean as you can. This is also very important, make sure that you clean up food. Ants are attracted to food, and they will want to find it. If there is food out in the refrigerator, ants will not find it. However, if it is sitting on the counter, they will.

One of the best things you can do to get rid of ants, is to just use soapy water. This is not a chemical that will harm your family, but is one that will harm the ants. You can either sprint directly on the ants, or you can use it to wash surfaces after you have placed food on them. This will kill any scents that may attract ants to it.

Ant poisoning 

The most common poison for ants, are those that come in little packages. Luckily, the ants will not die in your home. What will happen, is it will be attracted to the sent by something that is placed in it. Once they get it, they will carry it back to the nest, and kill all the ants in their colony. Once this is happened, there will be no more ants in your home, and they will be gone outside, too.

Ants will not harm your family, or your home. However, they are definitely a nuisance. The most important thing to remember, is that when you want to get rid of ants, it is very possible. You just need to do it in the proper manner, so that you are able to get rid of ants as quickly as possible. This is a great way to make sure that your home is aunt free. If you have any questions about how best to do this, contact our Las Vegas pest control services today. We can help you understand what it takes to make sure that your aunts get rid of in your home. For any questions call us today.

Pest Control: Cockroaches

cockroachCockroaches are the largest insects that will infest your home. In fact, this type of insect was native of Africa as far back as the 17th century. These are difficult pests to rid your home of, simply because they are so large and can be a significant pest. Today we have some tips to help you understand these pests and how to rid your home of them. Read on to find out more.

Understanding cockroaches

These insects are reddish-brown in color, and have a yellowish figure-8 pattern on their head. They have 6 legs, are shaped like an oval, are up to two inches long, have antennae, and are found throughout the world. These insects can enter your home or other structures through pipes and drains. These are often more active when the temperature is higher, though they can survive even when it is cold, as well. These cockroaches can be found in grocery stores, homes, hospitals, food processing plants, and schools. These pests can also be found in large quantities in basements, alleys, or yards.

Cockroach problems

Not only are these pests big and difficult to be rid of, but the most significant problem is that they spread more than thirty kinds of bacteria. They also carry worms and other types of pathogens that can greatly affect humans. Not only are these a problem, but they will actually travel through sewers and pick up bacteria. After this has happened, they may walk across or eat some of your food, and then dispose of this bacteria into your food. This creates the chance that you will ingest this food on your own, with the contaminated bacteria.

Getting rid of cockroaches

The best way to keep cockroaches from your home is to make sure that you properly sanitize it as much as you can. This includes taking out garbage, cleaning up food in the kitchen, and vacuuming often. This also means that entrances into your home need to be sealed up, such as pipes, holes in walls, and other surfaces and areas. If you find evidence of an infestation of cockroaches in your home, speak with our professional team immediately. We can help you get rid of this problem in your home, and get you on your way to having a better result.

Cockroaches are a difficult pest to rid your home of. If you have any questions about how to rid your home of this particularly gruesome pest, speak with our Las Vegas pest control specialists today. We can help you understand what it is you need to do to get these pests away from your home, and get your home back on track for looking great and having much less problems. If you are careful, you will be grateful that you never have to deal with these pests, and you will love being in your home more than you did before. Don’t hesitate to call us today! We can help you with your cockroach problems.

Pest Control: House Flies

flyHouse flies are actually the most common pest that you will see in your home, hence their name. Flies that are adults will actually possibly grow up to one quarter of an inch long and may live anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. This article will help explain what these flies are, and the best way to rid your home of them. Read on to find out more.

Understanding flies

These flies are typically dark gray, have six legs, are shaped like a small oval, are 1/4 of an inch in size, and have antennae. These flies will only feed on liquids, but you then may wonder why they often land on solid foods. This is because they have a mechanism with the ability to break down solid foods into liquids. House flies actually taste things with their feet, and these are much more sensitive to sugar than that of a human tongue. House flies will tend to stay likely within about 1 mile of where they were born, but if they can find food, they have gone anywhere from 15 to 20 miles away to find this. These flies are pesky and carry a lot of germs. While they won’t bite you or hurt you, their disease and germ-ridden bodies are risks to you and your family.

House flies are pests that will not always cause significant problems, but they can be annoying and ones that you just simply want to rid your home of. If you are not careful,you will likely find yourself with a home full of flies, especially in the summer. The most important thing that you can do is to keep yourself on the right track by being careful and cleaning your home. House flies can become more and more of a problem if you continue to have them in your home. The best way to keep yourself safe from these house flies is to make sure that they do not continue to be a problem for as long as you can help it. The most important thing is to keep yourself safe as long as possible.

Getting rid of flies

House flies can be vanquished by making sure you have the proper amount of sanitation in your home. Be sure to get rid of your trash and garbage consistently. Use garbage bags that seal well and will not create problems. Be sure to clean up any pet waste as quickly as you can. Use mesh screens on your doors to make sure windows don’t allow flies to get in.

If you do each of these things, you will find yourself with much better luck as you try to get rid of flies in your home. In fact, you will be much happier if you do this in the proper manner. If you have any questions about how best to do this, speak with our Pest Control Las Vegas specialists. We can help you understand what exactly it is that you need before you go through anything.

Getting Rid of Mites in Your Home

miteMites have been a very common pest in the United States for years, and have actually recently resurfaced in the news and the media. Dust mites found in your home are actually very difficult to get rid of on your own, so today we have some information about them and what you can do to prevent them.

Understanding Mites

Dust mites that are found in your home are actually quite difficult to see unless you have some type of magnification. Dust mites are called such because they are known to feed on protein materials as well as dead skin that is shed from humans, which actually makes up dust.

These types of mites actually also feed on pet dander as well. you may find them in food that contains a lot of protein, adn they actually do not prefer types of products that have a lot of moisture. You will be more likely to find them in something that is dry. The female dust mites actually can lay somewhere between 75 and 90 eggs, and these populations can completely overwhelm your home if you are not careful.

Where will I find dust mites?

Dust mites are actually most commonly found in beds because there is a lot of dander and dust in this place. They may also be found in areas that are more commonly lived on or in, such as furniture, clothing, and carpet. There are test kits available to use in your home if you wish to find out if you have dust mites.

What are the threats?

A lot of people are actually allergic to dust mites. You may hear someone allergic to “dust”, but it is actually probably the mites. There will not be any sort of rash that is indicative of the reaction, but it is more likely that it will cause respiratory problems. They may also find eyes that are very watery and itchy, as well as symptoms similar to that of asthma.

Getting rid of mites

If you wish to rid your home of dust mites, be sure to change your bed sheets frequently. If you have a serious problem with dust mites in your home, you can get a cover tested for problems. It is also wise to vacuum frequently, keep your humidity in the home as low as you can, and avoid playing with animals on an area that may be carpeted.

Mites are difficult to control, and you may find yourself with significant problems if you are not careful. The best way to control mites in your home and keep them at bay is to contact a Las Vegas Pest Control specialist. We can help you understand if you do have a problem, and we can rid your home of any signs if you call us today! We know the best ways to get rid of these pesky pests, and will help you keep your home mite-free.

For more information on this pest, click here.

Bird Pest Control: Woodpeckers

woodpeckerWoodpeckers are pesky birds, and may wreak serious havoc on your home if you’re not careful. They may damage your home or the surrounding areas, and thus quickly become a pest that you’ll understandably want to get rid of. Today we have some tips about understanding woodpeckers and how to get rid of them if they’re a problem in your home.

Understanding woodpeckers

Twenty-one species of woodpeckers inhabit the United States. These birds are federally protected and cannot be destroyed. Woodpeckers vary by species, but the color is mostly red on the had, and most have various patters of black and white on their bodies. They have two legs, are shaped like a common bird, are seven to fifteen inches in length, and don’t have any antennae.


Woodpeckers usually peck at dead or diseased trees/limbs, but they have also been known to peck at buildings, siding, metal and/or air conditioners. Woodpeckers peck in order to find food, excavate areas for nesting, or create room for food storage. These birds can have two or three broods per year, each with three to six young.


These birds are found mostly in or on the edge of wooded areas due to food prevalence and preference for living in or near trees. They can nest in structures, fences, sign posts, and poles. These birds may harm your home more than they help it, and it’s important to realize and understand these problems going into it.


Damage caused by woodpeckers in structures can range from holes in wood to damaged siding and air conditioning units, making woodpecker management vital.

Preventing woodpeckers

Woodpeckers cannot be killed because they are protected under law. Woodpecker prevention is based upon physical barriers and scare techniques. Physical barriers created created in pecking areas will help get rid of woodpeckers by preventing entry. Commonly these are made of steel mesh. Noise scare techniques are also effective in some cases. Remember, woodpeckers are protected and any prevention or woodpecker control is subject to compliance with federal law.

If you have any questions about how best to prevent these pest from inhabiting your home or yard, contact a Las Vegas Pest Control specialist today. We can help you understand what you need to do to get rid of these pesky birds in your yard. It’s important that you do this in the proper manner, so as not to harm the birds, which is where the trickiness comes in. We have the techniques that are needed to get rid of these problems in an ethical and safe manner. We understand just how much annoyance these pests can cause, and want to help you get rid of said annoyance. Contact us today for more information!